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Gerry Sperling is the executive producer of many 4 Square documentaries including the eight episode Scarred by History, the three part mini-series Water Water, the two hour series Twin Stars, the 13x30 Medicine Woman and the 13x30 Guides and Gurus. He has produced many one-hour documentaries, including Sister Kay, Stage Screen and Reserve: The Life and Times of Gordon Tootoosis, Church in Two Worlds, Nettie Wiebe: A Passionate Voice for the Farmer, the pilot for the Big Thinkers series Searching for Confucius, Under the Skin: Drugs, Dreams and Demons, Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland. He is the producer of the feature documentary A Cruel Wind Blows.

Gerry Sperling has had a long and distinguished career as a broadcaster and print journalist. For years he worked as a freelance writer-broadcaster for CBC Television. He also co-hosted a radio open line show for CBC. In 1979 he was a national finalist for the ACTRA Award for Honesty and Integrity in Broadcasting. He has had an illustrious university career as head of the Political Science Department, University of Regina, where he was also professor of political science and journalism for 30 years. He is co-author and co-editor of four books. In addition to his scholarly writing on the former Soviet Union and modern-day China, Sperling has written for many magazines, including The Financial Post, Canadian Business, and The Western Producer.

When he was a graduate student, Professor Sperling spent a year at Moscow State University and traveled widely throughout the old Soviet Union, including visits to Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

He has just returned from an extensive trip to Kazakhstan where he had five screenings of his newest productions, Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland and A Cruel Wind Blows. These two films deal with the terrible legacy of 40 years of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan. He speaks Russian. He is a frequent visitor to China and speaks Mandarin.


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