Four Square Entertainment currently has a number of exciting productions in development. Read more about each below:

Survival Of The Sickest


A six part series based on the New York Times bestseller of the same name, is in development. Written by Dr. Sharon Moalem, a Canadian, it is a historical/medical detective tale. Each episode will connect two seemingly unrelated facts, one historical and one medical, to unravel the mystery of how some illnesses were actually evolutionary blessings in disguise. Carrie-May Siggins is the writer/researcher. The six-part series is being co-produced by 4 Square and  Free Form Productions.


Isle of Horror

Aral Sea
1989 - Aral Sea - 2003



In 2011 Rebirth (Vozrozhdeniye) Island will officially be designated no longer an island in the Aral Sea, but an isthmus, attached to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Nobody lives in this deserted, haunted place so why should anyone care? The answer is: it could be a matter of human survival.

For years this island of horror was the Soviet Union’s testing ground for biological weapons -- anthrax, plague, typhus, small pox, and unimaginably dangerous genetically modified diseases. The plan was to load these germs onto missiles and bombs; on Rebirth Island, they concentrated on making them ever more deadly.

When the testing site was abandoned in 1992, Russian scientists made a half-hearted attempt to decontaminate it, and in 2002, Americans spent $6 million to destroy surviving biological weapons. But scientists are still fearful that, as access to the mainland becomes easier and easier, fleas and rodents covered with deadly pathogens, will travel to human populations. And, although it would be difficult, terrorists could find a way to access such deadly organisms as anthrax spores.



Freddy the Pig


There’s been many famous oinkers in history – Porky, Babe, Piglet, to name a few – but Freddy is very special. He is the cleverest animal in the barnyard, so smart he has taught himself to read. His pigpen is lined with book shelves and a computer which he found in the dump, graces a table.

His intellectual prowess has served him well in the many roles he’s played – as a detective, a politician, pilot, balloonist, poet, newspaper editor, magician, astronaut, ambassador, sportsman. But Freddy is not an arrogant intellectual. He is a friend to everyone, full of sharing and caring, kindness, compassion and forgiveness, and above all – helping. Freddy’s friends are often in trouble, but, even if the pig’s tail has come uncurled, he grits his teeth, does his research, gathers his courage, and comes to the rescue.


Baby Emma



This is the story about a fight to save a baby’s life. Emma was born with a rare, inherited disease -- she cannot develop her own immune system. Her only hope is that a perfect DNA match can be found, followed by a bone transplant. Emma is the daughter of Chinese immigrant, and so the search takes place in Toronto’s Chinese émigré community and then eventually in Harbin, China. A script has been written for this moving, highly dramatic and poignant feature film.


Dr Nat and Company


Dr. Nat is an episodic series of one hour dramas taking place in the psychiatric unit of a multi-ethnic hospital. A serious depiction of the problems of mental illness, it is also a fast-paced, tension-filled drama, with suspense, humour, and poignancy.


Bitter Embrace

bitter embrace


Based upon the award-winning book, Bitter Embrace: White Society's Assault on the Woodland Cree by Maggie Siggins, 4 Square's vice president, creative, this film will tell the true life story of how a member of Canada's elite police force, the RCMP, abused his position and sexually assaulted young women on an Indian reserve and then went on to become a an influential politician.  Ultimately, he was brought to justice by the persistence of one of his victims. This is a story of abuse, hubris, justice and redemption.


The Plunderers

plunderers sm


This seven-part series chronicles the skullduggery and thievery of explorers, adventurers, diplomats and clerics as they pillaged the cultural artifacts of 'other' civilization. Come with us as we travel to remote place in China, Cambodia, Greece, Alaska, and Canada to expose these plunderers and travel with those who are endeavouring to right these wrongs.


Unknown Faces of China

unknown sm

Everybody knows about the 1.2 billion Han Chinese who are the essence of China's burgeoning power.  Fewer are aware of the other 55 quite distinct nationalities in China, who may comprise 100 million souls, ranging from the Uigurs of Xinjiang, to the Mongolians, to the YI, the Bai, the Dai, the He, the Zang and many many others.  Each of these groups is distinct in terms of its language, customs, religion, and location. This six part series will explore and explain in stunning HD the other faces of China.


Heaven and Hell on Earth

development heaven hell


What is heaven? What is hell? Since time immemorial, we humans have been fascinated by where we'll reside after death.  Ideas of the next world have always paralleled particular periods in history, and fascinatingly, the scenery in our own backyards also has coloured our notions of the afterlife. This series of one-hour documentaries will dramatically examine ideas of heaven and hell, and all the strange creatures that dwell there.


Thief of souls

theift of souls02


Astrid Parks has suffered a terrible tragedy - the lost of her beloved husband in an industrial accident. She flees to a small town in the boreal forest where she takes a job as a school teacher. After hours she becomes a virtual recluse, holed up in her tiny house on Main Street, where she wallows in her grief. One day she learns that a pastor of the local church has declared that the world will come to an end next Saturday precisely at 11: 58 pm. This sets off a sequence of astonishing events which eventually leads to the townspeople freeing themselves from a cult that has them degraded them. And Astrid is finally able to shake off her grief and accept life once again


Witch Hunt
also known as Martensville Nightmare



This dramatic thriller, based on true events, tells the story of how the hysteria of a small community led to the false accusation of sexual abuse of small children against several police officers.  The film will follow one tough cop who was accustomed to putting the bad guys in jail, and who suddenly finds himself on the "other side" with terrible consequences for his family and career. This project has been developed with Movie Central.


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