maggie sm02Maggie Siggins

is an award-winning author and scriptwriter. Her Revenge of the Land won the Governor-General's Award for Literary Non-fiction and was adapted as a four-hour television mini-series for broadcast on CBC and CBS.  A Canadian Tragedy: JoAnn and Colin Thatcher was also made into a four- hour mini-series broadcast on CBC, NBC and around the world.  A Canadian Tragedy won the Arthur Ellis Crime Writers of Canada Award.

Maggie has worked as a reporter, columnist, magazine-writer, and news producer.  She has written many creative nonfiction books and documentaries.  Some of her works include Brian and the Boys: A Story of Gang Rape, and Riel, A Life of Revolution and, In Her Own Time: A Cultural History of Women, both of which won the City of Regina Best Book Awards.  In April 2005, her Bitter Embrace: White Society's Assault on the Woodland Cree was published by McClelland & Stewart. Her latest book is Marie Anne: The Extraordinary Life of Louis Riel’s Grandmother was published in 2008.  She is currently working on a novel.

Maggie has written numerous documentaries for 4 Square Entertainment Canada Ltd., including Mr. and Mrs. Mark Go to Yorkton, Twin Stars, and Scarred by History: Unhealed Wounds, which was nominated for "Best Historical Documentary" at Toronto's International Documentary Film Festival.  Nanjing Nightmares, the story of the Rape of Nanjing is a poignant treatment of the horror experienced by one Chinese-Canadian family during this horrific event. The film was broadcast on History Television, SCN, and Omni TV (in Chinese) and throughout China and received a nomination for Best Scriptwriter at the SMPIA Showcase Awards. A related film, "End of Empire", also written by Maggie deals with the events in 1941-42, when the Japanese Army conquered Singapore. Sister Kay, broadcast on Canada's Vision Television and CTV, has been nominated for a prestigious Gabriel Award.  She wrote Stage, Screen and Reserve: The Life and Times of Gordon Tootoosis (CBC) that won the Best Feature Documentary Award at the Fargo Film Festival in 2004. In 2010 A Cruel Wind Blows won honourable mention at the same film festival.


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