historypage202Established in 1993 with the film Mr. and Mrs. Mark Goes to Yorkton, about a Chinese family who immigrated to Saskatchewan, 4 Square Entertainment has since completed forty six hours of film, including the eight-part Scarred by History, the three-hour series, Water, Water, the acclaimed feature documentary A Cruel Wind Blows and the dramatic miniseries, Revenge of the Land.

Our second film and first international co-production, Twin Stars, is a magical, musical voyage, exploring the culture and life styles of two quite different places - Saskatchewan, Canada and Jilin Province in northeast China. Under the Skin: Drugs, Dreams and Demons is a raw, cinéma vérité examination of drug addicts and dealers in downtown Regina. In between we have explored many different themes, from Sister Kay, a portrait of one of the most powerful women in the Catholic Church to Gerhard the Tuba, the life of one disgruntled musical instrument.

historypage04The origin of our company's name is symbolic of our interest in things Chinese. The founders were Gerald B. Sperling, a professor of political science and a journalist, Maggie Siggins, a writer and journalist, and Guo Fangfang, an established Chinese director who came to Canada in 1989. Fangfang's name means Square Square in Chinese. Gerry and Maggie became the two other sides. Thus 4 Square Entertainment was born.

At the beginning we promised ourselves that we would concentrate on quality and we can proudly say that we have kept that promise.


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