Invisible Threat

March 30, 2012
In Production

Biological weapons have been around since prehistoric man dipped his spear into a rotten animal carcass and hurled it at his enemies. But it was only in the 20th century they became the deadly menace they are today. In a new one-hour documentary Four Square Entertainment examines the incredible story of germ weaponry. The film looks at the history of bio weapons from the Japanese terrorizing Chinese citizens by dropping lethal germ bombs during World War 11 to the unbelievably virulent new strains of pathogens created by Soviet scientists during the 1970s and 80s. Today the new danger is terrorism either by an individual - a rogue scientist sending anthrax in the mail - or a group -Al Qaeda's plans to spread small pox. As one expert said, "it's not if a terrorist will attack with bioweapons but when."

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A Cruel Wind Blows
Silent Bombs

November 2, 2010

A Winner Once Again

Matt Phillips, cinematographer and director of photography for Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland won a Gemini in the category "Best Photography in a Documentary Program or Series". We all congratulate Matt for winning this most prestigious recognition of his stellar work on this 4 Square film.

In addition, Rob King, the director of Silent Bombs… was a nominated finalist for a Gemini in the "Best Direction of a Documentary. Rob was up against fierce and excellent competition. Good on you, Rob!"

A Cruel Wind Blows
Silent Bombs

May 30, 2010
Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland wins 5 awards, including Best of Festival at the 2010Yorkton Film Festival

The best of Canadian short film was celebrated at the 63rd Annual Yorkton Film Festival. Held May 27-30, delegates from across Canada took part in a number of workshops featuring top members of Canada’s film industry. Highlights included a double feature of the Canadian-made full-length films Rust and Last Train Home, the Minister’s Luncheon with the Honourable Dustin Duncan, select screenings of films nominated for an award, and a prairie LobsterBlast. The weekend culminated with the Golden Sheaf Awards held on Saturday, May 29, which honoured the best films entered into this year’s festival.

Silent Bombs: All for the Motherland won 5 awards, including the 2010 Best of Festival – the first Saskatchewan-made film to receive such an honour! The film also received the following:
  • Best Social Political Documentary
  • Best of Saskatchewan Ruth Shaw award
  • Rob King for Best Director Non-Fiction
  • Carrie-May Siggins for Best Research
For more information the complete winners list, visit

March, 2010 - Matthew Phillips, Director of Photography for A Cruel Wind Blows, wins the 2010 Canadian Society of Cinematographers Robert Brooks Award For Documentary Cinematography

2010 Showings for A Cruel Wind Blows:
     March 11, Verity Club, Toronto, ON.
     March 18, 19, Regina Public Library, Regina, SK
     March 25, Am Shalom Synagogue, Barrie ON

March 2010 A Cruel Wind Blows  wins the Fargo Film Festival, Silver Medal Feature Documentary

“I was Chair of that category and I have to tell you that the committee loved your film. It was captivating and heartbreaking at the same time.” Tom Brandau, chair FFF Doc. Features.

December, 2009 Silent Bombs: All For the Motherland  wins the Saskatchewan Showcase, Social/Political Documentary Award

August, 2009 A Cruel Wind Blows  broadcast on NHK, Japan.
Viewer Comments:

“It was a very rare and valuable program which tells the truth of nuclear weapons.”
“I switched channels by chance and then I could not take my eyes from the screen.”
“We hope that this program will be watched by many audiences in the world.”

August,  2009 Silent Bombs broadcast on Al Jazeera English.

“Breathtaking, powerful, beautiful. Silent Bombs grabbed me, compelled me to watch...barely breathing for the entire 44 minutes.

Survival Of The Sickest

January, 2010 4 Square Entertainment signs an option and purchase agreement for a multi-part television with Dr. Sharon Moalem for his book, Survival of the Fittest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease. 4 Square has signed an agreement with Free Form Productions to co-produce this six-part series.

4 Square people:

Executive producer Gerry Sperling and vice-president creative Maggie Siggins attended the History Makers Conference in New York from January 27-29, 2010

Sperling and Siggins travelled to Kazakhstan in November 2009. Screenings of A Cruel Wind Blows and Silent Bombs took place in Almaty, Astana, Semey and the village of Kainar.

In December, 2009 Gerry attended the Guangzhou International Film Festival (GZDOC) where A Cruel Wind Blows was entered into competition, and was screened in several theatres.


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